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What is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP has been used for many years by athletes in sports medicine to treat injuries to the Achilles tendon, joints and muscles by stimulating stem cells. In regards to hair loss, PRP (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma) can wake up dormant hair cells causing the hair to start growing again.

PRP hair restoration

Who’s a good candidate for PRP?

PRP targets androgenetic alopecia, the hereditary hair thinning that affects both men and women. In our office we have also been successful in women with traction alopecia, as seen with tight ponytails, braids, front lace wig techniques that can pull the hair out.

What is the cost and recovery time?

The entire PRP process including the injection takes about 90 minutes and costs $750 or more per session. One treatment per month is recommended for the first four months, and then two maintenance treatments are recommended per year. PRP isn’t covered by insurance, but when compared to the cost of a high end front lace wig with install and without the loss of the fragile edges, the price point may make it a more viable option.
Hair transplant surgeries vary widely in price depending on the amount of hair transplanted, but the average cost ranges from $4,000 to $15,000.

The injections for hair loss are a simple in-office procedure with no down time. PRP comes from a person’s own blood and the pain of the procedure is no more than a Botox or filler treatment.

Side Effects of the Procedure

Is virtually none at all! But some patients may experience redness, swelling and soreness at the site for about 2 days.
Hair growth is usually seen after one to two sessions; therefore, results can be seen in about 1 to 2 months.

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