Probuphine is a Game-Changer in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Probuphine is a long-acting formulation of the controlled medication Buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is a sub-class of opioid medication helping patients recover from opioid use disorder by reducing risk of overdose and/or withdrawals, improve social interactions, and deter risk of criminal activity as well as contracting HIV or hepatitis C. Probuphine is a one-time application lasting 6 months.

Probuphine demonstrates cost effectiveness and success at preventing relapse or illicit drug use over detoxification followed by abstinence. Probuphine may be repeated several times giving patients over 2 years of sobriety from illicit substances, opioids and alcohol. Studies show that sobriety up to one year is more likely to sustain long term or forever than abstinence for less than one year.

More Insurance plans have come on board to cover this treatment due to high success rates and cost effectiveness. See us at Advanced Spine & Pain Interventions for a consultation. For more information visit the manufacturer website at .

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About the Author

Dr. Woodley Mardy-Davis is fellow-ship trained and triple board certified through The American Board of Anesthesiology and The American Board of Addiction Medicine. Board Certifications include Interventional Spine/Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Davis specializes in nonsurgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments of the spine, and musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Davis’ skills are honed in the fluoroscopically and ultrasound guided procedures to intervene in the disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Dr. Davis advocates a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to acute, chronic spine and pain disorders through the use of innovative diagnostic tools, treatment interventions and successful rehabilitation.