Michael Brown-Pourciau, M.A..


Michael Brown-Pourciau, M.A.

Michael Brown-Pourciau, a New Jersey native, moved to Atlanta in 2013. Michael comes from a family of healthcare professionals ranging from the field of nursing, nurse practitioners, and medical technicians.

In 2013, Michael attended Anthem College and graduated as a Medical Assistant with his degree in healthcare.   In 2016 Michael became a Registered Medical Assistant in Georgia, (American Registry of Medical Assistant ARMA).

Michael has well over 7 years experience in healthcare ranging from urgent care, wound care, urology, in-patient clinic care as an (patient care technician) and pain clinic.

Michael has decided to improve his skill set by joining the team at Advanced Spine & Pain Interventions, LLC under the medical direction of Dr. Woodley B. Mardy- Davis.