Dawn Ostien

Personal Injury/Worker’s
Compensation Case Manager

Dawn ostien

Dawn comes to us with a Chiropractic background of over 30 years. She started as a chiropractic assistant, assisting the doctors with therapy and processing x-rays and moved up from there into Office Management where she maintained the billing, coding, and collections and built close professional relationships working with personal injury attorneys and case managers all while making sure the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

She is passionate about helping others and says “Chiropractic care helps reduce pain and helps people feel better so they can have a better quality of life.” She serves as the primary contact for Personal injury and workers compensation cases, working closely with Attorneys and case workers.

Dawn has also owned a billing agency and believes in streamlining the complexity of the insurance process from a patient’s perspective. When not at work Dawn can be found spending time with her husband experimenting in the kitchen or playing with their two dogs.